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  • Don't worry I am getting anxious as well. As per the article you found, Disney is pushing to let in-park guests and passholders know that they don't need to have a special ticket or voucher to be apart of the parade taping.

    The link that I will be getting from my contact, as soon as Disney releases it to her, for those invited (that's where you all come in, as technically you will be an invited guest) or family members of cast/crew.

    So yes, they aren't publicizing it as being an event that anyone can just get in free to Disney. My contact is just waiting for Disney technical team to release the link to her and she will be distributing it to those that are on her list.

    Hope all is well and that you have a very magical day tomorrow!
    I like your idea of lunch. Very good thinking. :p Hope you are having a magical weekend! And you are more than welcome for doing this. I love being able to share the magic.
    hey there, Patrick here. Hope you are having a good night. I will get you that link when I get it. Supposed to be sometime Friday now.

    Have a very magical night!
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