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  • With as active as you are on here and Flickr, something tells me that you have some free time and aren't just studying all the time. Even if you are, you have a fiancee, which means you're social enough that at least one person talks to you! ;)
    Glad you enjoyed it!
    :lol: Exactly. The farthest SSE gets is when afros and Disco pants were "cool". As AVGN says, 'What were they thinking!'
    Attention all visitors!

    Welcome to my page. It seems a large number of you are wondering if the first four letters of my screenname indicate that I am a Cast member at WDW. haha. It's actually just my first and middle initials followed by my last name. Sorry to disappoint :)

    Thanks for stopping by,

    Craig :)
    Everything seems happier once Opening Day gets here!

    The day after the World Series is the most depressing day of the year LOL
    "castevens"? Did you miss a "t" in there somewhere, or do you mean "cast evens"? Maybe "C.A. Stevens"? :animwink:
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