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Recent content by Carebee21

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    NYT: "Universal....Takes Aim at Disney"

    Disney may not be quaking in their boots yet, but it'll be interesting to see what happens with the next generation if they don't clean up and improve their parks. As it stands now, my 8 year old son has little interest in returning to Disney World. He has his favorite rides, but for the most...
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    Lots of new pics of Art of Animation Resort in Sentinel

    The pool area looks nice. But the rooms...Yuck! Way too bright for my liking and a lot of it looks like cheap ikea furniture.
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    Why hasn't everybody started fussing about the upcoming ticket price increase?

    For a family of four buying a premium AP, their month payment plan will increase by about $70ish dollars, with their monthly payment hovering just under the $200 mark. That's a lot to devote to one form of entertainment every single month, and doesn't include drinks, food, snacks, etc. I'm sure...
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    Why hasn't everybody started fussing about the upcoming ticket price increase?

    Personally, I think there's more to it than that. Disneyland relies very heavily on their passholders. So you will never convince me that someone thought that the way to reward, please and retain these loyal passholders for dealing with the mess at DCA for the past two years was to significantly...
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    Why hasn't everybody started fussing about the upcoming ticket price increase?

    A lot of people are already stating that when their AP's are up, they won't renew at the new price. I know we won't be; we'll only go once a year and buy a regular park ticket, rather than multiple trips with an AP. So it will be interesting to see what the attendance does over the next...
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    Annual passes and Free Dining

    You pay your whole package price of $2500. That's for your 6 day park tickets, room and free dining. Then, one of the days you are at the parks, you go to guest services and tell them you want to upgrade your tickets to AP's. They charge you the difference in price between AP's and the...
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    Disneyland Price Increases

    This prices us out of premium AP's. We've had them for the past four years, but won't be renewing. We live in Las Vegas, so we don't have the option of monthly payments, so that's a huge amount of money to pay at one time. It also made sense if you were going at least 2 times a year to buy...
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    Steve Davison hints at 2 new projects

    Hmm.... I'll guess that it's a fantasmic refurb/revamp.
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    Experiences Fishing at POR or Elsewhere on Property?

    My dad took my son fishing at POR for a couple hours. Between the two of them, they caught a tiny little fish. But my son was so excited because he caught it. They use real worms (not sure if that's an issue for you; it kind of grosses me out) instead of other bait. So if your kids aren't...
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    Which Disney songs do you love?...Which ones do you hate?

    My Favorites: If I never knew you A dream is a wish your heart makes When you wish upon a star Baby Mine And I love these two just because my son loves them and seeing him sing them and smile makes them special to me Zip-A-Dee-Doh-Dah (Which he sings Skip a dee new dah, Skip a dee lou) In the...
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    Disneyland Resort Dec 29 & 30 questions

    Is there anyway you can do Vegas for new years and then do Disneyland a few days later, instead of before?
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    Disneyland Trip Planning

    Why not take a red eye out on 12/18 and go those few days and be home for Christmas? I agree with nemofinder that I don't think the crowds are going to be that bad until Christmas Eve- New Years day. It will still be busy because kids are out of school, but I just don't think it will be...
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    Fall 2009 Refurbishments

    Does anyone know what they are doing to Casey Jr. Circus Trains & Storybook Land Canal? Are they just cleaning them up and giving them a fresh coat of paint?
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    Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED

    Hmm.... I'm not really sure what to think. It's a much needed makeover for sure, but it seems very girl to me. I'm hoping they add something in there to make it more appealing to boys. And secondly, call me the pessimist of the group, but I'll believe it when I see it. Maybe this is what...
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    animal kingdom or Epcot?

    I would do AK over Epcot. We took our 5 year old son and Epcot was the worst day. It's a lot of walking and not very many rides. He was whining because he was bored and didn't like the walking. He loved Animal Kingdom. One of the best thing we did was give him a camera and let him take pics...
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