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  • So sorry you where offended, most of the money will go to maintain the scholarship for the next few years, there are so very many deserving children in our community, and they need the help to get to college. I am hoping I will need none of the funds for vacation, as I am looking in to other ways to get the money this year. But I feel very strongly about these vacations, and my daughters memories.
    I'm not offended - you have the right to honour the memory of your daughter - I know I would if I were in your shoes.
    However, as a first time poster to thse boards you post that you require money for a WDW trip then you leave yourself wide open for critism and thoughts of begging instantly spring to mind - no matter how genuine you are or may appear to be
    Hi Captin H.
    Thanks for the tips. The fisrt visit to disney was round easter time 2004 so we know how busy it can be so that wont be a problem.
    And i think once you have been to the parks before you know how to work them.
    Im glad the weather is going to be fine and i will remember to take a couple of hoodies. I really cant wait we are going with friends who have never been before so will be great as always.
    Thanks Jen.
    Hi I am back again, please could you give me some information on the weather at disney over the christmas & new year time. I have heard it to be around 24/25 degress? is this true?
    Also the first week after christmas is busy but after new year it quitens off is this correct?
    Thanks Jenny
    great trip report! I greatly enjoyed it!! I would love to see Disney at Christmas and New Year. Something I have yet to do!
    sorry about the font size. This is my first time on the fourm. I will be keep it small..

    thank you for welcoming me.. Very appreciative...
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