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  1. bsigler80

    The Disneymooners...My Fantasy-tastic Disney Honeymoon!

    Congrats!! Love the shoes.
  2. bsigler80

    what are your 3 worst restaurant choices in WDW

    1) Sci-Fi Dining - I know I am going to be fire bombed for this one. Yes, the atmosphere is cool, the concept of the cars with the two seater benches is fine for a couple. But when you go with a family of 6 and placed in a car where you can only talk to the person sitting next to you without...
  3. bsigler80

    mary poppins on broadway

    I have seen it twice. The first time being on it's first leg of it's US tour, the second being two years later. It's a great show but the second time around was a little lack luster.
  4. bsigler80

    Tron Monorails heading to EPCOT

    Just saw this on the Disney blog site. http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2010/03/disney-monorail-trains-to-feature-tron-legacy-art/
  5. bsigler80

    How many more days????

    6 Days till I hit the World!!!:sohappy:
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