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  1. bluesnut

    Have a Magical day!!

    Have a Magical day!!
  2. bluesnut

    Found you! ;-)

    Found you! ;-)
  3. bluesnut

    Seasonal vs part time

    What is a CP? I get where I think I'm understanding the abbreviations and then one comes up and it's like I don't have a clue! Well I guess I'm about to find out! Lol! I'm really excited to get down there and start. I'll start where ever I have to. I would eventually like to get into guest...
  4. bluesnut

    Seasonal vs part time

    Thanks Sir Hiss! I guess where I'm concerned is, I have a friend whose a snowbird that is seasonal security. It seems like he doesn't get much work while he is there. I signed up for seasonal because I didn't know how this would work for me. I just don't want to have signed up for seasonal...
  5. bluesnut

    Seasonal vs part time

    I have a question about the different options. I have applied for merchandise seasonal. We are moving down there in two weeks but we aren't selling out up north, just in case. :o Can you make seasonal as "full time" as you want? Or is it really hit and miss as far as hours? Would I be...
  6. bluesnut

    Working at Disney- Ruin the Magic???

    frequency vs work I have had the blessing of being able to spend summers down there for several years through high school and college. But I've never worked there. I know that after three to four months of going multiple times a week you do start to see the holes in the magic. I'm about...
  7. bluesnut

    Seasonal Roles

    I have been going down there for extended trips for years. But this past winter was the first time that things were right for me to go try to start my Disney dream. When I went through my interview they said that unless you could give them at least 10 straight weeks of availability you could not...
  8. bluesnut

    Food and wine seminar question

    I'm sorry if this has been gone over but I searched and couldn't find anything. I wanted to know if they were letting us pre-book the beverage seminars like last year? And if annual passholders were getting a discount again this year? I originally didn't like the pay idea last year. But...
  9. bluesnut


    No it would probably be the buttermilk ones. I never tried the sweet potato ones they sound good. But it was just the buttermilk ones. I know they were generic but they were awesome. Thanks for looking though.:wave:
  10. bluesnut


    Pancake Recipe I did a search of the forum and got no results for a pancake recipe so forgive me if you have posted one already. One of the best pancakes I have ever eaten are the ones at Riverside. We used to eat there a lot before they updated the food court. Their pancakes were great...
  11. bluesnut


    I knew this was the place to find out if CoP was still open. You guys are the best. Up to the minute live info. I too hope that it will stay. The old Disney rides that everyone could ride are going the way of the dinosaurs. I understand change (don't like it but understand it) and...
  12. bluesnut

    Best Friends to Build Luxury Pet Resort at Walt Disney World Resort

    This is like the best news ever. I am a dog groomer and I have always wanted to work at WDW even before I became a groomer. Now my dream has MELDED!!!!! Someday I will be a dog groomer at WDW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Yes Yes!!!!:sohappy::sohappy::sohappy:
  13. bluesnut


    Oh GREAT!!! :sohappy: Last I was hearing it wasn't. But I haven't been lurking around here in quite some time. Life sometimes has a way of dumping on you and it takes a while to dig back out.
  14. bluesnut


    Is CoP still seasonal? I have been trying to find something on the net about it but nothing recent. We are planning a Christmas time trip and was hoping it would be open.
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