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    I want to taste the foods of 11 countries at Epcot,but is it free with my base ticket?

    This is second post I have seen today where people are using the lingo, but never been before. Someone is trolling. Has to.
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    Artist Point?

    I ate there in May. The food was very bland to me. Almost no flavor in any of the food. The prime rib literally tasted like crock pot roast beef cooked in water. The appetizers were just meh. I am a very adventurous eater, but that food was just bland and bad. The characters were great...
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    Does anyone NOT like Flight of Passage?

    Due to my Ménière's, all screen based attractions are a no can do for me as my ear and eyes arent matching up. Even the "elevator" section of Haunted Mansion messes with me, but not as badly as FOP. I hate where these "rides" are going. If I want to see a fantasy world on a screen, ill play...
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    Get in, sit down, shut up, now get out! A Mama Melrose Review...

    I have heard it and many others have as well. People dining in the parks tend to want a quicker meal than outside the parks. I have heard people complain that their dinner took too long and they missed a fastpass or show. People who eat somewhere outside the parks tend to want a slower...
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    Get in, sit down, shut up, now get out! A Mama Melrose Review...

    Anytime I eat within a Disney Park, I always tell the waiter that we are or are not in a rush and about 95% of the time they follow through. I am betting in the waiters experience at Disney is that people who eat in the park generally want to get in and out. True, turning tables is the name of...
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    News Designated smoking area changes at Disney Springs

    To be honest, didnt even know their were smoking section in Disney Springs. Went in May and people who smoked werent going to those areas.
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    Time in resort vs. Park

    My wife and I usually go about 10 days at a time. We Try to give ourselves a day between each park to relax and enjoy our vacation. We rarely are park commandos where we go from open to close. I like to go to disney springs, hit the pools or even do things outside of Disney on our off park days.
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    Disneyworld Kennel

    I dont know about the ones from 10 years ago. But because our oldest dog had a bunch of medical issues, we decided to bring her with us for our trip in May. She required 4 pills every 12 hours so we didnt want to burden the dog sitter we got for our other 3 dogs. We called Best Friends about...
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    Mom wants childless couples banned from WDW

    My wife and I are childless and we just had a large family trip that had 2 kids with us. I cant agree with that. (I should say before continuing that we dont wait in line for characters in the park except at launch bay, we do character buffets and such so it may be different) We saw no...
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    Disney Resorts with 24-hour Pools

    At old key west, the quiet pools do have fences, but because laundry is located in the pool area, they remain unlocked. When I stayed in a studio 2 years or so ago, I went and did my laundry at midnight and relaxed in the pool. Didnt make any noise or anything, but it was something to do while...
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    Would you pay $226 for a souvenir?

    I will most definitely be buying the lightsaber as well as one of the drones. My wife and I drop a lot on Disney Giclee's. The lightsaber is dwarved by almost all of them. My office you will not find any paintings. Instead, every single lightsaber I have built at Disney World mounted on the...
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    News Bird attack at Disney World leaves woman with traumatic brain injury

    Wait, there isnt an actual Disney bubble? Ive been lied to and now suing Disney for the lie.....
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    Disney Gift Cards...

    You can if you just charge it to the room and then go to the hotel lobby and pay it off with the disney gift card. My last trip, bought some oakleys in Disney springs. Charged it to my room and used my gift card to pay it off the next day. Get all of my gift cards for a discount so its a...
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    Coral Reef Restaurant Opinions

    The place is an underwhelming red lobster. Same frozen seafood that you get at a red lobster. They really need to do a similar thing they do at garden grill and use what the land grows to get some fresh ingredients on the menu. Disney does not really have an excuse. My local seafood place...
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    Ohana dinner

    Had dinner on the 4th . It didnt feel rushed at all this time. We spent maybe an hour and a half there. Makes me wonder if Petes rant made any difference. Way different experience than my one in September last year.
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