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    WDW Shuts Down Star Trek Ride

    I mean technically R2D2 was in Star Trek. At least for a brief second.
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    A/C Circulation in rooms

    Pretty sure most rooms have a motion sensor thermostat. If it doesnt detect movement, it sets the AC temp much higher (not off) until it detects movement again and then cools the room back off to what the guest set it to. Some people use the balloon trick to keep it cold or most models have...
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    Florida Resident Disney Vloggers on YouTube

    I do not quite understand how you think that is not a career. If you can make money from something and want to continue. That is a career. Its entrepreneurship 101. That is exactly like saying someone who owns a small business isn't doing a real job because they are not working at...
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    POLL: When are you planning to return to Walt Disney World?

    We are scheduled to come to disney the first week of december. I have my doubts that the US has it under control by then. Realistically, we are looking at mid 2021 before a vaccine can be made.
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    Disney will be open on April 1st of 2020???

    You know, two weeks ago I would have thought this was katiebug 3.0. But with the spring breakers still going to party at beaches, I honestly do not know what to think in this day and age.....
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    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    You do know that DVC has nothing to do with the parks right? I have stayed at my home resort and didnt even go to the disney parks one year. I went to other parks during that time. Its a time share. Which has a contract so good luck ever getting that through to make me re-sign it.
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    Has the entire resort ever been completely shuttered in 50 years?

    If this was a variation to Ebola or Mers, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. With the delay in government accepting this, millions could have been dead if this was a much more deadly virus. Sure yeah, this virus isnt terrible. But one day, we will run into one that is not...
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    Has the entire resort ever been completely shuttered in 50 years?

    I believe the world (especially the US) is not doing enough. It took way too long for our country to respond. Yes, its not as deadly as MERS, Ebola, SARS, Smallpox. But what we do today, will hopefully get future policies in place for WHEN the next pandemic hits. A pandemic which will not...
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    Your Next Disney Meal

    I will never step foot in a Landrys after what they did to their employees. They furloughed them and refused to let any of them use their PTO. They are permanently on a no fly list for me.
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    Florida Resident Disney Vloggers on YouTube

    And this right here is how you know someone is lying. Prime example folks.
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    Not sure where you are getting that you cant rent out your points. Their are no rules against that. Its no different than any other timeshare. Also, disney cannot do anything because DVC points are owned by the person who owns the contract. Not Disney. The points are being brokered by a...
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    OKW Help

    How many is in your party? Its 5 people for a 1 bedroom max which can cause it to show no rooms if you have more than that. I assume this is through cash right? On my DVC account, im showing plenty of available nights for OKW for a 1 bedroom for June through December for non Hospitality...
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    Unnecessary harsh treatment of children in public spaces at WDW

    I was taught well by my uncles and grandfather. My direct parents were terrible parents which is why I was raised by my grandparents. But if people want to make blanket statements about millennials, then I have no issues making blanket statements about boomers.
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    Unnecessary harsh treatment of children in public spaces at WDW

    Goes to show that boomers were the worst generation. Poor parenting, poor passing of information to the newer generation. Were the recipients to some of the most generous programs the US ever offered. Yeah, millennials are the issue.....
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    Foldable Backpack Though No-Bag Line?

    I can easily fit 4 of those bad boys in my cargo short pockets. 6 if I try. Although most of the time, its two refillable water bottles. One 32oz and one 22oz. Just need to make sure I have a good belt on when filled with water.
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