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    Galaxies Edge in January 2020

    Thanks guys! I know how it's going to be deep inside I was just hoping for a different answer. Getting a little old and don't want to wait until I can't enjoy it, so I guess I will deal with the crowds.
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    Galaxies Edge in January 2020

    So I've been waiting all my life to see a live version of Star Wars and It's finally coming. I know the crowds are going to be bad, but how bad do you think they will be in January and February of 2020?
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    Visiting in November

    I'm planning to visit the first week of November and was wondering if it's worth getting the park hopper option on my tickets. I always get it but I was thinking I could save a few bucks if I don't especialy if the parks close early during that time of the year. We will be there for 6 days...
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    Park Hopper Pass and Capacity

    If I have a park hopper pass and I'm there for NYE and the parks are filled to capacity, can I still park hop? Our first New Years in the World! Can't wait!:sohappy:
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    What park to go to on New Years Eve?

    I will be in Orlando on New Years Eve and I've never be to WDW during the holidays. I have two 16 year olds and was wondering which would be the best park to spend the day and night in. We can only be there for one day:( and have been there many times before. Can't wait:sohappy:
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    Looking for Disney Land Website

    I'm planning a trip to Disneyland and I'm looking for a website as good as this one for information about Disneyland and Trip tips. Can someone help?
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    For the first time I am not staying on site when I go to WDW in July. Can I still use all the transportaion in WDW. We would like to go to different resorts for dinner and it would make it easier if we could jump on a bus or boat. 101 days to go!:sohappy:
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    Count down clock

    I would like for it to count down the days hours and so on. I see that if you have a clock next to the days to go, you click on it and it gives you that info. I'm trying to set it up but i don't know how:confused:
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    Count down clock

    I am trying to get the little clock next to the days to go countdown but I can get it to work. Can anyone help?:(
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