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  • Yes, in 2 months! It is bitter sweet' when we leave that will mean the summer is over, but I can't wait to go!-- part of me wants the summer to be over, not just so I can see Mickey but because I we are getting almost EVERY day is rain! Strangest summer I can remember. My backyard keeps flooding so I can't even use it.
    But anyway, my ADR's are set and my daughters Bibiddi Bobbidi Boo reserv. are set. Trying to make a schedule of things to work in that are differ. so we can exper. some new things this year.
    I actually do bring some coffee with me - I stay at the Car. Beach and they have a coffee pot on top of the fridge. But I love to walk to Old Port Royal and get my free refills mug filled up with free hot coffee- now that I know what I am refilling it with, ot so sure if I am too zealous about it anymore!
    Hi again - My daughter is 3 years old and already a big Disney nut. I am sorry to hear of your difficult trip in March- but how awesome you are able to go back again so soon; I will be there right before you at the end of August! I will def. be shopping or some Mickey coffee. Do you know what Disney uses in all their restaurants that is so tastless?
    Hi, fellow coffee lover! I am glad to hear I am no the only one that thinks the coffee is so horrible in Disney. Do you think it may also be the water? Have you tried the Mickey coffee they are talking about? You have 7 children? I have 1 and I am done!
    Did you just come back from Disney? Did you have a good time?
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