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    Chapek and Iger on Killing of George Floyd- Company Statement

    This isn't a matter of politics :)
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    News Wishes to be replaced with new 'Happily Ever After' nighttime spectacular

    Has "Once Upon a time" received any changes since Happily Ever After debuted? The Tokyo original used lasers which have just been implemented for HAE and it looks like they've upgraded the search lights which could put it on par with the lighting used in Tokyo also....
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    Kali River Rapids closing for refurbishment in January 2017 'This was not a freak accident': Dreamworld may NEVER open again - with theme park employees facing up to five years in jail for negligence
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    Kali River Rapids closing for refurbishment in January 2017

    Good thing they're doing maintenance on it. This is what happens when you dont - "Dreamworld: Four people killed on Thunder River Rapids ride at Gold Coast theme park" This is a Kali River Rapids style...
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    Refurbishments at same time!!! - CUSTOMERS AFFECTED

    OMFG this part of the post cracked me up big time! HARMFUL! PRESSURE THE MANAGERS! ITS NOT NORMAL! Bless your cotton socks darlin'
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    Major 2015 Pirates of the Caribbean Refurbishment Watch/Rumor.

    The boats are really struggling. Currently broken down on Pirates. Been 20 min or so now. Front row got me more wet than splash mountain...and the boat is currently sinking to the right... Not impressed.
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    D23 Expo 2015

    I realise this Obvious homage is obvious tho. Very obvious
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    D23 Expo 2015

    Love the Horizons reference in the Pandora posters - Alpha Centauri!
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    Little Mermaid received the DCA Updates

    I guess the posts just got lost in amongst the other whining posts
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    Little Mermaid received the DCA Updates

    So no one has posted about Mermaid opening with the updated black light and other paint upgrades? Weird.
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    UpStairs Imagination Abandoned 2013- Weird little room

    I got into the upstairs of Imagination pavilion last week. Note; the elevator is still fully functional. Also, they don't lock the doors to Wonders of Life pavilion..... I... found that out too.
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    Two Spirited Quickees...Imagination closing

    since its topical - a new (july) upstairs imageworks video
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