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    Large pickup truck parking

    We have a Ram 1 ton dually, crew cab, 8’ bed and have never had a problem in the parking lots. They usually have us take the front half of the space with nobody behind us, but we have also been directed to the RV section. Universal puts us at the end of a row.
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    Heat and humidity tips

    Drink lots of fluids. It also helps to walk into any air conditioned store you pass. I would also suggest that you walk plenty before your trip so that you are used to it. Last, when you here move slow. Watch people who have lived their whole lives in hot climates. They don’t move fast unless...
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    Grand Floridian or Contemporary

    Most of it is personal preference - I prefer the Contemporary over the Floridian simply because I remember riding the monorail through the Contemporary as a kid and telling myself that I would stay there someday! Since you plan to go to F&W, I would recommend the Contemporary. The TTC is the...
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    Contemporary bathroom question

    Yes, there was a retractable clothes line in June, 2018. Ken
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    Theme Park Game Changers

    Love the topic. 1) Admission fees. Disneyland was one of the first amusement parks to charge an admission fee just for the privilege of paying for the rides. This allowed the park to control who was allowed in, and kept out most troublemakers. 2) E-Tickets. This defined the favorite rides...
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    Fascinating reviews of EPCOT from 1984 and 1983

    @LittleBuford - The second linked article continues on page 40, not 58 as indicated. As an aside, that magazine has a great review of Song of America. That was one of the first cruise ships that didn’t look like the Love Boat. At a time when the standard cruise ships held 700 passengers, S of A...
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    Wilderness lodge for a Wedding anniversary

    If you like riding rides, it is the best time to be in a park. Thunderstorms will chase people out, but once the lightning ends all of the rides open back up and often you can walk on them. We live in Florida, and if rain stopped us we would never get anything done from June until October.
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    Wilderness lodge for a Wedding anniversary

    No problem, it is all subjective anyway. The first time that we did a romantic getaway to Disney, we stayed at the Polynesian (pre-bungalow). It was the first time that we had spent time at the resort and skipped the parks (full disclosure - we live in Florida and are passholders, so this an...
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    Wilderness lodge for a Wedding anniversary

    I agree with all that you said. However, if (and only if) restaurant choices are at the other resorts, and most of the "romantic" ones are, then bus service becomes a two step process - first to a park, probably MK, then to the resort.
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    Wilderness lodge for a Wedding anniversary

    WL is a great hotel for what you want to do. However, for a romantic stay at Disney here is how I would choose, keeping in mind that your idea of romantic may not be exactly the same as mine. The biggest problem that you will have in early September is the weather - it rains a lot that time of...
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