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    GF Villas - Laundry?

    Unfortunately, all of the DVC Villas have washers and dryers except for the studio villas.
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    Best two bedroom

    1. Jambo House - Savanna View 2. Kidani - Savanna View 3. BLT - Lake View
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    View of SSE through Torii Gate blocked.

    Here's a picture I took in June 2010 before they removed an unruly tree on the edge of the island. If you look closely, the tree in question now is there, just a bit shorter.
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    Anyone in December?

    I am now able to customize magic bands and make FP+ selections for my entire length of stay from Dec 9 - Dec 20, which includes nights at SSR, Kidani, BWV, and Jambo House!!
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    Club Cool Closing? (FALSE RUMOR)

    There is a Ghirardelli in DCA and they were handing out free samples. I was unable to walk through the door without getting at least two free pieces each time (I may have been circling the building ;)). The store was busy, but even with a 50% sale on all the bags of chocolate, no one was buying...
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    Anyone in December?

    Waiting on December 9 over here...
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    iOs7 + My Disney Experience App = Lightning Fast!

    Same here! It's now blindingly fast -- so much so that I'm amazed every time I push a button and something happens almost immediately :)
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    Magic Kingdom Bus Loop expansion

    This is a complete property map that should help you next time :) : And here is a complete transportation map:
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    Anything like the Blue Bayou at WDW?

    If you're still on the fence about San Angel, I would suggest looking into Coral Reef Restaurant in The Seas pavilion. I've always had great food and service there.
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    How Long and How Long

    130 days until 12 days/11 nights: 1 night at SSR 4 nights at AKV Kidani Village 3 nights at BWV 3 nights AKV Jambo House
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    New Animal Kingdom Bus Stops

    It seems they split two routes into roughly the same distances, and possibly times. From CR to Poly it is about 8,000 feet, and from WL to GF it's roughly 8,300 feet. This seems like the most logical reason for grouping the resorts this way...
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    Rained like mad at WDW today

    We were at Magic Kingdom on that Saturday and stood under CoP, which was closed and being used as a shelter from the storm. The TTA, Astro Orbiter, and CoP were all struck by lightning within ten minutes of each other. TTA was evacuated, but because it was raining so hard and the entire area was...
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    It's Time for Lunch: Liberty Tree or Tony's

    Definitely go to Liberty Tree Tavern for lunch. The food is great and the service is even better! If you like the glasses, you can buy them for only $5 each :D
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    Construction on I75
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    FastPass Return Times

    The first week of January the Fastpass lines were short. I didn't see one Fastpass line with more than ten people waiting the whole week. As soon as a line started forming, the CM would let everyone through. I was happy about this when I had a Fastpass, but it made the stand-by line ridiculously...
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