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  1. AlwaysImagineer

    Some did you knows:

    Whoa... :rolleyes:
  2. AlwaysImagineer

    Mk secret!!more like history of ride!!

    Then shouldn't they ENCOURAGE throwing change in the water? :shrug:
  3. AlwaysImagineer

    Hidden Jack Skellingtons at HM

    I'll have to look for them when I go next time...
  4. AlwaysImagineer

    magical smells

    Whoa, I did not know that :o
  5. AlwaysImagineer

    Top Tips!!!

    Personally, I don't consider "Magic Hours" really anything special. I mean, almost everyone can do it :shrug:
  6. AlwaysImagineer

    Save your Change!

    As soon as we get enough change, we usually go straight to the penny press :)
  7. AlwaysImagineer

    Snacks in park

    I'm not sure if they ALLOW it, but we've never got caught
  8. AlwaysImagineer


    When we saw the show for the first time, we got there an hour or so early and got great seats, but we're really bored for an hour :lol:
  9. AlwaysImagineer

    Ear Plugs

    That might be a good tip for people with sensitive ears... but not for me :p I looooooooove loud sounds!!!
  10. AlwaysImagineer

    Most underrated attraction

    TTA needs some lovin' too :cry:
  11. AlwaysImagineer

    Favourite WDW Attraction

    I have 4... Space Mountain Carousel of Progress TTA Tower of Terror In no particular order :animwink:
  12. AlwaysImagineer

    What is your Favorite Monorail color

    Owhhhh!!! Black sounds nice! :)
  13. AlwaysImagineer

    Most overrated attraction

    Defiantly Star Tours... Ughhh... Don't get me started PLEASE! :hurl:
  14. AlwaysImagineer

    What attraction "grew" on you the most?

    Carousel of Progress, TTA, and Space Mountain
  15. AlwaysImagineer

    Best Nighttime show/Fireworks

    Fantasmic and Illuminations! :sohappy:
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