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    Mystery Epcot Structure

    Walked by it yesterday and assumed it was a permanent meet and greet for Snow White.
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    Chinese Theatre spires

    While I would love a full refurb too, I can't imagine them closing yet another ride (even if just for refurb) in an already Work In Progress park. If I'm being very optimistic, the small TCM update is to help get the park by until it can go down for a long refurb.
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    Question for adults attending MNSSHP

    It was so much fun. We're going again this year with hopefully a Winnie. I jokingly say we're the reason there's a Hocus Pocus show this year. Here's the book I made: I made it remote controlled this year!
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    Disney's Hollywood Studios to test more Fantasmic! FastPass+ entry streamlining

    I just assumed this was testing for what they will do for Rivers of Light. THAT is gonna be an interesting operations adventure.
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    Question for adults attending MNSSHP

    My friend and I went as Mary and Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus last year. I made an animatronic book we scared guests and CMs with. We're doing two parties this year and will hopefully have the full trio of Sanderson sisters for one and a fleet of disney fairies. I'm making made with Magic...
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    Crowds are Insanely Busy - Why?

    If I'm remembering correctly Dapper Day is supposed to be a throwback to when you would dress your best to go to the parks. Most people dress in a retro fashion though.
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    Crowds are Insanely Busy - Why?

    If hotel occupancy is anything to go by, the last week of September/first week of October is going to be BUSY. There's hardy anything available. It is the start of food and wine, MNSSHP, and dapper day though.
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    2015 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

    Last year my friends and I had a late lunch at trails end and decided to kill sometime wandering through the Tri-Circle-D Ranch. I would highly suggest striking up a conversation with the cast members there about the horses and the headless horseman ride.
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    Possible Frontierland expansion

    That's some A+ adulting right there. I would love a new thrill ride, but that is definitely not what MK needs to help with crowds.
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    Selfie sticks - is this a thing at WDW yet? Disney clarifies policy

    Stupid kids at the park I worked at did this on one of the roller coasters. It never caused derailment of course, but I think it did damage the track and wheels slightly each time and needed to be replaced earlier than scheduled.
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    Disney is building robots that walk like its animated characters

    In case anyone wants to read more about Disney's look at bipedal walking robots.
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    2015 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

    My friend and I went as Sarah and Mary Sanderson last year. We had a blast!
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    Online parks/attractions streaming?

    I alternate between MouseWorld radio and subsonic radio. Both have mobile apps to play on the go!
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    Anything planned to mark the premiere of Star Wars The Force Awakens?

    Ah yes, celebrating the traditional Kashyyyk festival of Life Day.
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    Be Our Guest lunch FP test ending?

    I managed to get a reservation for myself on 3/2 through the app. I would have preferred 3/3, but it's showing no availability and only dining events on the website.
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