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  1. ajrwdwgirl

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Hubs and I went snow shoeing today. The weather was perfect for the activity. We saw a couple other people occasionally on the trail but otherwise we had the trail to ourselves. It was fun but some hard work in some places that hadn’t been well traveled. We are looking forward to the next...
  2. ajrwdwgirl

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Sorry to hear this.
  3. ajrwdwgirl

    Trip Report 2018-2019 A Year in the Land (Disneyland)...a multi-trip report

    Oooo, Hawaii sounds fun. I went before Aulani was open, although our plan flew over it while it was being built so I guess I have "seen" it. DL doesn't require a ton of planning which is kind of nice, but it is fun to read about it. 🙂
  4. ajrwdwgirl

    Pre-Trip This most likely won't happen, but ya never know.

    I'm glad you are all booked! Have lots of fun!
  5. ajrwdwgirl

    Trip Report UPDATE: Bernard and Bianca's Magical Wedding and Honeymoon

    This should be fun to follow along with. Congratulations!
  6. ajrwdwgirl

    Trip Report You went to Disney by yourself? - A Solo Princess Trip Report

    Looks like you had a fun time! Solo trip can be such fun. 🙂
  7. ajrwdwgirl

    Where in the World Isn't Bob Saget?

    Easter Monday was an option for our district too but there was a bit of backlash (including from me) because we don't have a Spring Break this year and many people were planning on using this day for vacations that are already booked. I'm not for sure that it is totally off the table but it...
  8. ajrwdwgirl

    DLR Picture of the Day

  9. ajrwdwgirl

    working out for Disney

    I think it looks cute, and delicious.
  10. ajrwdwgirl

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Yes, you need to get your Disney fix this year. 🙂 You usually go late spring so you should have your refund by then.
  11. ajrwdwgirl

    Where in the World Isn't Bob Saget?

    That is kind of strange to have so much time, but it works out well for you this winter. Our district is changing an inservice day in March to a student day and a day that was supposed to be a full day of parent-teacher conferences is now a student day with conferences at night. We also added...
  12. ajrwdwgirl

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Love the collar. My dog doesn’t wear collars but she has the Minnie leash like this and the Minnie harness. It is so cute. I think she likes the Minnie harness too because she seems to have a little more prance in her step when she wears it on walks. 🙂
  13. ajrwdwgirl

    Where in the World Isn't Bob Saget?

    Wisconsin day!! Whoot, whoot! I'll celebrate with beer and cheese !
  14. ajrwdwgirl

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    I saw this and totally wished I could go just for this. I would love the drink or at least the sipper cup.
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