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  1. adimond

    What would it take for you to NOT go back?

    "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded." - supposedly Yogi Berra Come now...let's not kid ourselves that anyone who would repeatedly post on a message board called wdwmagic.com is even capable of following through on their threats to stay away forever. We would all be forced to find some...
  2. adimond

    Need advice—Universal/WDW split trip

    Have to agree with the 2/4 Universal/Disney split if you've got 6 days. 2/5 would be even better...that's what I did on my last trip, but in the reverse order. That ratio seemed pretty much ideal (except, of course, that I never do want to leave when it's time to). It's doubtful you'll have...
  3. adimond

    Why do they not use the same ride systems within resorts?

    🤢🤮 I have never experienced another ride system that makes me feel as physically ill as that one.
  4. adimond

    Is there a darker coaster than Space Mountain?

    OK, found the new motherlode of CHAOS information: It's a shame that a full ride-through has never surfaced, nor any interior footage at all. There must be a videotape in a big cardboard box in someone's closet, somewhere in those green remembered hills....
  5. adimond

    Disney California Adventure vs Disney's Hollywood Studios

    RotR vs RSR: Radiator Springs Racers is a GREAT ride. It's Test Track with personality, an already cool ride system that was successfully made "more Disney"...and for once that's a non-sarcastic compliment. But is it better than Rise of the Resistance? Nope. Of course, you can always walk across...
  6. adimond

    Is there a darker coaster than Space Mountain?

    You're almost certainly thinking of Chaos, one of the strangest coasters I've ever had the pleasure to ride. Can't find a link that will do its weirdness justice...there used to be a tribute site called Access2Control, but it's 404'd now (just like the ride and park). Man, I miss Opryland...
  7. adimond

    Animal Kingdom vs Tokyo DisneySea

    Sounds kinda awesome, can't wait to make it back someday...but probably not any time soon, alas. I saw there were $425 Texas-to-Tokyo roundtrips on sale last week, an absolute steal, but they got snatched up faster than I could convince myself to act. I'm also confused about when foreign...
  8. adimond

    Animal Kingdom vs Tokyo DisneySea

    I've been to both, and call me crazy, but I think this is actually a fair fight. To be sure, DisneySea is every bit the crown jewel of park design that everybody says it is, and it does have a lot more rides than AK. But when you look at the list of what those actually are, you've got: - a...
  9. adimond

    So how would WDW be without the coasters?

    I like coasters, and Disney's coasters especially, but I would absolutely still go to a coaster-free WDW. Apart from theming, one key way to give a coaster "more" is to build it within a naturally dramatic scenic backdrop, like on a hillside (in my personal recollection, Busch Gardens...
  10. adimond

    Top 10 Rides in Florida

    In that case, a whole lot of shows (many of which are closed for covid) would become eligible, and I would be forced to agonize over whether Country Bear Jamboree should come in just below Rise of the Resistance or just above it 🐻
  11. adimond

    Top 10 Rides in Florida

    Waited a couple weeks to make my list, since I was just about to go on a trip and experience MMRR, Hagrid, Velocicoaster, Kong, Jimmy Fallon, and Fast & Furious for the first time (unfortunately, none of those new rides landed in my top 10 anyway). Trying to take the thread title literally, so...
  12. adimond

    Rank Florida's theme parks

    1. EPCOT: 'til death do us part! even now, my perfect day is gawking at the geosphere as I eat and drink around WS 2. Magic Kingdom: the ride repertoire and sentimental attachment of half a century outweigh its hectic discontents 3. Animal Kingdom: #1 or 2 if I could be objective...the most...
  13. adimond

    Attraction Dealbreakers

    The only single closure that could make me consider canceling a whole trip would be Haunted Mansion. But I also need some combination of most of the following: Spaceship Earth (I'll visit during the 2-year refurb, if that's still a thing, but I won't be too happy about it), Living with the...
  14. adimond

    Epcot Drinking Around the World.... AT HOME!

    That's right! Let's see, what else would I have, if we're going clockwise around the lagoon? If it's a summer afternoon, always good to stop in the Italian wine cellar for a pinot grigio and a caprese salad. Or if it's chilly out (rare in Orlando), there's hot sake in Japan and a bowl of noodles...
  15. adimond

    Epcot Drinking Around the World.... AT HOME!

    Another great choice would be a Warsteiner dunkel and a warm pretzel: yum. I can almost hear a tuba playing, and a distant "zicke zacke, zicke zacke..."
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