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    Trademarks come in many flavors. Fanciful terms, which are completely made up, warrant the highest degree of protection from infringement. Kodak is the best example of this. Then, there are words which are not fanciful, yet are related to a product/service, such as "Shockwave" and Macromedia...
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    Funny photos...

    New Effect On the Tower of Terror: First, I went around the office and collected all the little white "dots" from the hole punchers. I filled my ziplock baggie, and patiently awaited my next visit to the Disney Studios. With baggie at my side, I waited for just the right moment in the...
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    Disney $5 Photos!

    Fun? Hmmmmm, I now realize that my "this should be fun" comment was obviously misleading in nature. What I meant to get at was, knowing your rights and actually standing up for yourself should be fun - seeing as how many people do not. I did not mean to hint that "giving CM's a hard time...
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    Trip Report 4.20.2002 COP news

    9-Eye I'm a little bit confused. How is being able to record a "new" rule? When I rode CoP about 8 months ago, I didn't hear anything prohibiting recording, so I recorded the entire show on DV. The footage came out great, but I still need to ride it a few times (keep one show wide, one show...
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    Disney $5 Photos!

    Re: Re: Stay away from MY film AdlibSean, I didn't suggest not cooperating "just for the sake of being difficult," I suggested not cooperating in order to maintain their rights and personal property. My suggestion to "give in" is only meant as an action of last resort - and only if the...
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    Disney $5 Photos!

    NowInc, Good call! I think the main problem is - if I didn't make this clear - CM's forceably "ask" for the exchange. Although this may come off more as a demand than a request, most guests don't know any better, and that ticks me off. People need to understand their rights. Taking...
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    Disney $5 Photos!

    Nope This is incorrect. Other than the valid exceptions - such as stated by Buzzforprez (copyright violation - good job Buzz,) being in someone's "house" does not necessarily permit them to control your personal property. Being in their "house," though, may place restrictions on your...
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    Disney $5 Photos!

    Stay away from MY film Disney employees do not have the right to take away your film (or any other personal property for that matter.) Disney employees do have the right to forcefully ask (demand) that you give them your film in exchange for ($5 was the example given.) See the...
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    New Monorails?

    Where? It was a serious question. Aside from the obvious car example, I figured Disney may have had a cool "inside" reason for using the title "Mark." For all I know that could have been the guy who invented the Mono-rail. Thanks! 9-Eye
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    Pleasure Island falling apart?

    Hmmmm Although nightly admission rates may seem steep, I must say that I have been very happy with PI's Annual Pass option (also combined as part of the top WDW annual pass). The rate is fair, and I have renewed it for years. I have seen The Temptations, The Goo Goo Dolls, Little Richard, Boy...
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    Disney Quest...

    Having ridden so many coasters, you understand through elementry physics why this phenomenon takes place. 9-Eye
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    I had a guest ask me where the "you are here" arrow was on his park map yesterday

    How do you deal...? How do CM's (particularly females) deal with offers for intimate/sexual interaction from guests? ...or just flirtateous gestures in general. I'm sure that there's the occasional "okay, I get off my shift in 10 minutes," but what's the normal practice? 9-Eye
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    20k league lagoon

    Why? Why just let these artifacts lay around in a dirt lot outside? Why not sell them? And if they do in fact wish to keep them, why not keep them indoors? ...in a warehouse? What purpose does this "red lot" serve? 9-Eye It does not cost much to build 4 walls and a ceiling.
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    New Monorails?

    Where? Where did the title/name "Mark" in Mark IV come from? Why not name them Walt IV, or Kevin IV? 9-Eye
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    Land, sea and ????? *Rumour*

    The Living Skies Yup, The Living Skies does sound very similar to The Living Seas. I'd guess that any tentative project would be called this becaus WDI doesn't want the completed name coming out prematurely. Sort of like how the Haunted Hotel became the Twilight Zome Tower of Terror. Of...
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