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  • I hope everything is great with your little one too! He is adorable! Kacie is wonderful - I love being a parents. I agree though, so little time in the day, haha. We are planning her first Disney trip for next November!
    Hello! I have been so super busy with this new little baby - I haven't been around as much. I LOVED your story of your son's birth, and his name is perfect! My little girl arrived on 10/13, her name is Kacie. =-) Aren't babies wonderful??
    Ahhhh that stinks man. Would have been nice to hang for a bit and trash talk hockey for a bit! Ohhhhhh well...someday! How are things?
    Good game last night!! I am sure you thought it was going in your WIN column when it was 3 -4!!! :) I can see it being a Flyers/Caps Eastern final this year. Lets Go Caps!!!!! Now if we can just to the Skins back on the road to more wins.
    I got the ringtone from phonezoo.com. They have lots of Disney stuff- all free and you can listen to it first to see if you like it.
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