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  1. 1LE McQueen

    Soarin' Over Cali returns to DCA...why not us??

    Oh cool, thank you! Looks better than SatW. Might have to visit Mall of America I've never been.
  2. 1LE McQueen

    Soarin' Over Cali returns to DCA...why not us??

    Why did Disney go from "Soarin' Over California" to CGI "Soarin' Around the World", instead of implementing a "Soarin over America"? Around the world is trash. SoC had heart.
  3. 1LE McQueen

    Cars Land vs Pandora

    Although Pandora is easily the best themed area of any Disney Park I've seen. I just, dare I say, wasn't all that thrilled with FoP.
  4. 1LE McQueen

    Cars Land vs Pandora

    Great question. I choose Cars Land because.. hello <<<<
  5. 1LE McQueen

    News Soarin’ Over California Returns!

    There are so many things I want to say regarding this development. 1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, but also.. 2. Shame on you, Disney, to announce this 1 week before it plays and only give us a month to see it. This is wrong on so many levels. Most of us plan out at least 2 - 3 months in...
  6. 1LE McQueen

    Jussie Smollett must not return to work for Disney/Fox.

    lol kinda like how ProJared was overshadowed by that whole Tati vs James Charles thing? Sorry, I don't know what cause du jour means but i'm pretending I do :hilarious:
  7. 1LE McQueen

    Disneyland Resort Fun Facts!

    Contrary to popular belief, Walt Disney stole the idea for Steamboat Willy from a lesser-known cartoon, Steamboat Itchy. Walt continued this reckless behavior by stealing the plans for Itchy & Scratchy Land, resulting in the birth of Disneyland.
  8. 1LE McQueen

    Disneyland ranked only 5th - These Are the Best Theme Parks in the U.S. to Visit This Summer

    You all make me wish I had more money and more time.
  9. 1LE McQueen

    News Tower of Terror to operate at reduced capacity due to an extended refurbishment

    Well i'll hope for the best. It would be depressing if they didn't do anything for the show, especially before SW:GE opens.
  10. 1LE McQueen

    Missing Monkeys at Animal Kingdom

    Found 'em.
  11. 1LE McQueen

    Missing Monkeys at Animal Kingdom

    Uh oh.. https://www.wftv.com/news/local/wild-monkeys-with-herpes-in-central-florida-population-on-the-verge-of-doubling/898061214
  12. 1LE McQueen

    News Sleeping Beauty's Castle to be refurbished

    1. You cheat with a gif 2. Nope
  13. 1LE McQueen

    Disney's Animal Kingdom vs. Disney California Adventure

    DCA is turning to dog dung; it's a huge mess. Sadly this has only happened in the last few years but now, the only reason to go is for Cars Land IMO. If you all remember another thread I created, I wasn't the biggest fan of AK's attractions. But this is a no brainer, AK is the much better park.
  14. 1LE McQueen

    What’s Your Favorite Fun Park After Disney ❓

    I don't have money after Disney :( but someday I'd like to see universal or Busch gardens
  15. 1LE McQueen

    Missing Monkeys at Animal Kingdom

    Sounds like some sort of monkey business is going on
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