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    Rides At Night

    btmr splash mountain EE test track tot
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    WDW Picture of the Day

    Zack Attack your pics are so gud
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    7 days to go..... TOO LONG!

    i cant go back to wdw for another 3 years cause my lil bro's got exams
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    EpcotServo's Feb. 12th accident-prone Update!

    Is it ok if i use some of those pics as desktop pic
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    EpcotServo's Feb. 12th accident-prone Update!

    thanks for the pics and hope your leg gets better
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    Toy Story Mania confirmed

    was there anything else mentioned in the press event
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    What Ride will get the next BIG refurb???

    My vote also goes for space mountain. ive been on the paris version and its way better, i still love the disney world version but it needs a BIG rehab.
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    Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to Debut New Attractions and Entertainment in 2007

    I have heard on january 26th disney are anouncing there projects for 2008
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    New Splash Mt. Logs

    they are not gettin rid of splash mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jan 25 2007 anomaly?

    The Laugh Floor is now ment to open till Spring 2007 to improve the show.
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    New Splash Mt. Logs

    Well splash mountain is havin a rehab from Jan 2nd to jan 27th so thats what they could be doin
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    How many times you have rode Everest the ride

    i went on it 6 times its a excellent ride and i hope its still there when i go back
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    Epcot Picture Update 12/02/06

    Thanks for the pictures
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