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Other cruise lines...

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line' started by hoffman1, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. hoffman1

    hoffman1 Member

    Aug 25, 2007
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    For those of you who have done other cruise lines....
    We are considering trying another line. Some of the other lines are so much cheaper and we would get to explore other ports. It is just my husband and myself. I did Royal Caribbean a few years ago with a friend. I enjoyed it. I actually thought the food was better. I missed soda being included (I bought a soft drink package but it was always sort of a hassle to get--even in the main dining room) I think the entertainment was better on DCL. We have seen all the shows on the Fantasy and Dream but we like some of the other comedians and musicians DCL uses. I think my husband would miss the Disney/Star Wars merchandise. And I think he is afraid the service won't be as good on the other lines.
    So, what did you miss from DCL (if anything)?
  2. ChuckElias

    ChuckElias Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2003
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    I've sailed on the Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas and the Quantum of the Seas. (I'll be touring the Anthem later this week.) I liked both ships and both experiences. I definitely missed having the same serving team every night in the restaurants. I didn't mind the soda thing. Most of the RCCL ships have the fancy Coke machines in 3 or 4 places on the ship, I think. I did not find it hard to get a soda on either ship. I like the Disney shows better, although the show on the Quantum was really interesting and unique, I'm not sure that I really liked it all that much. And on the Explorer, there's an ice show, which I really enjoyed. I felt the food was comparable; the service is obviously better with DCL.

    I've also sailed the Norwegian Breakaway. There's a link to my trip report in my signature below. I'd urge you to read the report. I liked the ship. I hated the shows in the main theater. The service was average at best (except in the upcharge restaurants), and our stateroom attendant was terrible. I apologize in advance, but the pictures in the trip report have all been blocked by Photobucket.
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  3. Phonedave

    Phonedave Well-Known Member

    Dec 27, 2005
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    I just got off of our second cruise on the Celebrity Summit last weekend (Bayonne NJ to Bermuda), I will bullet point what I think are differences.

    Celebrity is definitely a more adult vibe - not adult as in drinking, partying, or 'blue entertainment', but clearly less geared to kids

    I think the food on the Summit is better than DCL - especially in Qsine and the new Tuscan Grille upcharge places. There is only one main dining room on the Summit, but now in response to where the industry is going, the upper deck of the dining room is still fixed seating times (first and second seating) and the lower deck is now "Flex Dining" - walk up and dine.

    Shows on the Summit vary - they alternate between a show with the "Celebrity singers, dancers, and entertainers" and a comedian or other act. The comedians have been consistently good, the magician that they always seem to have (he does something called iMagic) is meh. Most of their stage shows are just compilations of songs with accompanying dance and acrobatic / suspended work. I would put them a notch below the DCL offerings. However, they had a new show called "Chandelier" this time which was excellent - it had singing and dancing and suspended acrobatics - which were all excellent, but it also had a plot, characters, and dialogue. I kept thinking of both Tower Of Terror and Beauty and the Beast during it (An old Hollywood Hotel gets hit by lightning and the chandelier in the main dining room becomes conscious. It influences the various guests in the hotel to fulfil their dreams, right their wrongs, and come to grips with secrets of their past). I would put that show on par with the DCL offerings.

    Soda is not included, but they do have drink packages, one that is soft drinks, and two levels of alcoholic beverages. There are plenty of bars and lounges where you could get a soda from. I don’t normally drink “soda”, but I got Club Soda and Lime all over the place on that ship with no hassle and it was a canned Canada Dry Club Soda.

    Room are a little smaller, but not much. The lack of a split bath is something you are going to find on every other line. I believe only DCL has it.

    Service and state of the ship is close to DCL. I have always said that DCLs service and level of maintenance is better, but not THAT much better. There were a few railings that could have used a varnishing, and a rust spot (smaller than dime sized) here of there, but nothing that was huge issue. Crews were out and about painting and cleaning every day. DCL just seems to have more people on it.

    We had an issue this time with someone in guest relations, but we also had a head waiter who was easily the best waiter I have ever had on any of the cruises I have been on.
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