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ECV's and Disney Buses

Discussion in 'WDW Trip Planning' started by scarpiapiano, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. scarpiapiano

    scarpiapiano New Member

    Nov 25, 2007
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    Hey all,

    We're planning a WDW visit in June 2009 and I was wondering about Disney Buses. We're planning on renting an ECV from an outside source rather than renting in the parks. I saw from another website that one of the disadvantages maybe that we'd have to wait for an accessible bus. Aren't all WDW buses wheelchair accessible? We'll be staying at the AK Lodge so we won't have to worry about ferrys and I don't think that there should be a problem with the monorails. Any info. is greatly appreciated.
  2. luckyeye13

    luckyeye13 New Member

    Jul 28, 2004
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    I believe that all of the WDW buses are now equiped with a lift or ramp, since the oldest buses that did not have those have now been replaced by the two types of low-floor buses. Occasionally, I have heard that the lift may not work on the old high-floor buses, though, I have never seen this happen at WDW. (I have seen it happen at my university with the same type of bus, but it was probably mostly due to the fact that, unlike at WDW, the lift was almost never used.) Again, there is a remote chance that I am wrong, but with all of my park visits while on vacation or living in Florida and the various bus crowd control or bus greeter shifts that I have worked, I have never seen someone in a wheelchair or ECV be left behind because the bus was not accessible.
  3. Monty

    Monty Who opened Pandora's Box? Premium Member

    Nov 12, 2005
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    The only way you'd be required to wait is if there is a line-up of ECVs waiting to go where you want to go that won't all fit on one bus.

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