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Crazy D's MLK Weekend Trip Report

Discussion in 'WDW Trip Reports' started by crazydaveh, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. crazydaveh

    crazydaveh Active Member

    Oct 7, 2002
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    Greetings everyone. I just returned home from a fun weekend at WDW. Here are a few notes of things some may care or not care about...


    Some people in our group hit AK first in the morning. I wasn't with them, but they said it was, "busy" but not too bad.

    I joined them at MK in the afternoon and evening. Here's what I personally saw:

    It wasn't too crowded. There were plenty of people there, but it wasn't like NYE or other heavy days.

    Wait times:
    Space Mtn (Birthday Boy) ran about a 30-50 minute wait through the day. Fast Passes were availbe until 6:30 or so. We got a FP around 6:30 for 10:20-11 PM (Closing).

    Big Thunder ran about 40 minute wait. Fast Passes were available to come back an hour later.

    Splash Mtn was running 15 minute standby. It was drizzling and temp was in the low 60's or high 50's. Not too many people wanting to get wet on the ride. Fast passes available to come back in 15 minutes from time of pick up.

    POC - 10 minute wait. Noticed many of the animatronics didn't seem to be working up to 100%. The battle scene wasn't it's normal self. There were very few water splashes from cannon fire and the cannons from the fort were not moving when going off. The flute player was not playing when passing it and the dog wasn't barking next to the drunk pirate. Everything else seemed to be normal.

    Buzz Lightyear had a 45 minute wait. FP was an hour to come back. Ride stopped in 3rd room and holy points! Almost hit 999,999!

    Indy Speedway was 30 minute wait.

    Most attractions in Fantasy Land averaged 45 minute wait. Philharmagic was one preshow wait (15 min)

    Haunted Mansion was a walk on.

    Wishes went off. CM's were clearing more areas of Fantasy Land out (at least they said that) becasue of high winds and firework fallout. There was low level clouds and you couldn't see some of the higher fireworks going off. No Tinkerbell from the Castle.

    Hit MGM. Millionaire with Meredith was in final day of taping.

    Crowds were tough. Constant 45 minute wait for both ToT and Rock N Coaster. Fast Passes going at 1 PM were to come back at 5:30 PM on both attractions.

    Star Tours running 40 minute wait. FP return was 35 minutes later.

    A lot of characters were out as usuall at MGM.

    We went to EPCOT around 2. Light crowds.

    Coke area was dead. A CM told me that they are getting a new snow maching which should be working in the next few weeks. We'll wait and see. The Brazilian Coke was still nasty (sorry for those of you who love that stuff).

    Test Track was running 45 minute wait. FP return was 3 1/2 hours later

    Mission: Space was running 25 minute wait. FP was 45 minute return.

    Living Seas was packed! A lot of people wanting to see the Nemo stuff. The line for Turtle Talk was about 30 minutes.

    There was a sign up for Soarin on construction wall.

    Over all, it was a fun weekend!

    Below are pictures of crowds, Space Mtn on it's Birthday, Millionaire Taping sign, and other stuff.

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  2. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil Well-Known Member

    Oct 27, 2004
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    Thanks for the update, I'll be down there tommorow for kicks and giggles. Maybe some more photos if the weather is good.

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