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CEO Quits Trumps Panel, Backlash for Disney Too?

Discussion in 'Disney Co News & Discussion' started by RandomPrincess, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. RandomPrincess

    RandomPrincess Keep Moving Forward Premium Member

    Dec 30, 2012
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    First this is not about Trump or his policies. We know many people are happy with and many are not happy with him. We all know why.

    Uber's CEO has faced backlash since Trump took office from inside and outside the company. Culminating in Travis Kalanick leaving the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum. The group is made up of -

    • Stephen A. Schwarzman (Forum Chairman), Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Blackstone;
    • Paul Atkins, CEO, Patomak Global Partners, LLC, Former Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission;
    • Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO, General Motors;
    • Toby Cosgrove, CEO, Cleveland Clinic;
    • Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase & Co;
    • Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO, BlackRock;
    • Travis Kalanick, CEO and Co-founder, Uber Technologies;
    • Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company;
    • Rich Lesser, President and CEO, Boston Consulting Group;
    • Doug McMillon, President and CEO, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.;
    • Jim McNerney, Former Chairman, President, and CEO, Boeing;
    • Elon Musk, Chairman and CEO, SpaceX and Tesla
    • Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo;
    • Adebayo “Bayo” Ogunlesi, Chairman and Managing Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners;
    • Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President, and CEO, IBM;
    • Kevin Warsh, Shepard Family Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Economics, Hoover Institute, Former Member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System;
    • Mark Weinberger, Global Chairman and CEO, EY;
    • Jack Welch, Former Chairman and CEO, General Electric;
    • Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer Prize-winner, Vice Chairman of IHS Markit;

    He already called out Iger among the other CEO's that caused him to join the panel


    So do you think Disney is big enough to avoid the backlash? Do you think now that one CEO has been pressured to step down others will be taken aim at?

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