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3 Disney Park Rumors - True or False

Discussion in 'WDW Secrets' started by FoxTheNerd, Aug 12, 2017 at 11:17 AM.

  1. FoxTheNerd

    FoxTheNerd New Member

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    So, Disney parks, some of the most popular in the world, have had there fair share of rumors, but which ones are false? Well, I thought I could do some research, so let's find out! (Note: Some of these rumors may put scary images in your head, but I won't actually show you these pictures.)

    I believe most people have agreed this is true, but I might as well go over why. Disney has these underground tunnels to get cast members and character from one place to another. For example, imagine Buzz Lightyear, trying to make his way to Tommorowland, but having to walk through Adventure Land to get there. Yeah, not only would that be out of place, but people would want all the autographs they could get. The underground tunnels solve this problem. Ask a cast member, and they'll tell you it's true. Also, I know someone who's sister worked at Disney, and that someone has confirmed they are real. See, ask someone, and they'll tell you it's real. Point made.

    Basically, rumor has it that The Haunted Mansion was originally much scarier, but was toned down after a man had a seizure on it. With some simple research, you'll figure out that this is false. The Haunted Mansion has actually not changed much sense it debuted.

    Once upon a time, a family was riding it's a small world. It was pretty normal, until the ride shut down and cast members escorted them out. As the family exited, they saw a child hanging from the ceiling. Or, so they claim. I'll lay it out for you and simply say that it's a bunch of crap. Let's look at the many ways this is impossible.

    1. This child looks very young, and I doubt they could scale the walls like some sort of Olympian.
    2. You would have to get past a lot of security. I mean, think about it. This family claims that this happened during park hours, but during park hours, staff are always watching through cameras.
    3. How could you even scale the walls? Seriously, I can't see a little child climbing this.
    Mind you, the ceiling's pretty high, too.
  2. lazyboy97o

    lazyboy97o Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2009
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    Tunnels under the whole park is only a feature of the Magic Kingdom. There are tunnels limits to smaller areas at other parks (ie. Future World East, Tomorrowland at Disneyland), but the whole park system is unique to Magic Kingdom.

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