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Dec 5, 2016 at 1:30 PM
Jun 4, 2001
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Oct 7, 1976 (Age: 40)

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Administrator, Male, 40

Administrator Moderator

Adding some extra magic to the WDWMAGIC forums Jul 27, 2013

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Viewing forum list, Dec 5, 2016 at 1:30 PM
    1. Monorail_Red_77
      Wanted to check with you first. Am I allowed to post a thread about a press penny app that I co-developed? It is an unofficial wdw penny app not affiliated with Disney. Was thinking thread would go in general or maybe gadgets area?

      I will not post until I hear back from you though. I sent in an email earlier on this but have not heard back on it in the past several weeks.

      Thanks in advance,
    2. Norris4886
      I have read the most unforgiving and spiteful comments here from MOST. I'm 53 years old and been married 33 years. We have 3 children and not ONCE have we EVER wanted to visit WDW. Never have, never will. Have fun judging someone you don't know.
    3. Robert Johnson
      Robert Johnson
      I need my user name changed please. Not sure why it's my name. Couldn't figure out how to private message. Thanks
    4. Gringrinngghost
      @wdwmagic, I sent you an inbox message; you're free to embed my video as well :) Also what ever I upload from my channel (AllCentralFlorida) you are free to re-embed :)
      1. wdwmagic likes this.
    5. Wendy Pleakley
      Wendy Pleakley
      Can my username be corrected? Should be Wendy Pleakley
    6. steviej
      Hey, I don't have the box to type responses to threads. I tried to send you a message, but I didn't have box there either. Can you help please? thanks
    7. Sonconato
      I just made a thread about the gator incident, and as I now see, someone already posted it. Can you please get rid of mine? Thank you.
    8. fgh4747
      Hey Mr will you please change my username i have it on the tread thanks in advance
    9. yensid67
      Hey Mr. Moderator(whatever your name may be): I posted a poll on 4/18/16 @ 904am I would like to request its removal because I don't want others to be making posts that seem like they are attacking me for not wording the poll the right way or explaining it more thoroughly. I just don't want to cause any riff on the board for something I did by not wording or explaining thoroughly. Please delete!?
    10. yensid67
      ... I then used one of my accounts to set her site account up so I could get the verification and get it up and running for her. But now I would like to get her email onto the account . If you need any info contact me! Thanks for a great site!
    11. yensid67
      Changing email...here is what I did...I wanted my travel partner on site as well...so I used her email to sign her up. When it said she had to verify her email, she said there was no email from site. I had the verification resent to her email, but again no email!?
    12. JennSmith
      Here's a super petty request...I hate that when I signed up I used all CAPS on my user name. Can you change it to JennSmith? Sorry!!!
    13. bucklepants
      I would like my account deleted, and I would like my thread pulled from parks general discussions. Is there a long turn around on these requests? I do not enjoy being bullied by posters. Thanks.
    14. Wikkler
      Just wanted to say that I upgraded to Windows 10 today and the website seems to work perfectly on Microsoft Edge.
      1. wdwmagic likes this.
      2. wdwmagic
        Jul 29, 2015
    15. Daddy Skywalker
      Daddy Skywalker
      Would you like any restaurant reviews anymore? New to Forum...ate at MANY WDW restaurants...and in a former time and space I worked professionally in restaurants (Not WDW ones though..lol).
      1. wdwmagic
        Jul 20, 2015
    16. disneyfan295
      Can you please delete my account/remove me from WDWmagic?
    17. wendysue
      Please remove me from WDWmagic. People like Captain America ruin it for myself and others. Not worth it.
    18. D PARK RADIO
      Why are you removing our post(s)?
      1. wdwmagic
        May 28, 2015
    19. betty rose
      betty rose
      I don't know where to post this...what is the posting etiquette ? I posted what I thought was a joke, I put the smilie face with the wink...thought that meant a joke....someone said the poster's were vicious. Quoting me. Did I make a mistake? I'm not up on all the new signage...may be my mistake...I'm still learning...
    20. JeLu22
      Hollywood Studios had animation area. A day in the life of a Disney animator. Their stories, their personalities, their uniqueness. How much is hand drawn or colored? Conceptual artists? Would like a Museum at one of WDW parks about family of Disneys. Keeping the legacy alive in people's minds. Memorabilia. Letters, Personal items. ( Similar to one about Lucille Ball at Universal Studios.)
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    Oct 7, 1976 (Age: 40)
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