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New Profile Posts

  1. ArielandFlounder
    DVC Member; Wilderness Lodge and BLT
  2. Doc Disney
    Doc Disney
    AH! Next trip is a week away!
  3. Tyaloo
  4. NoChesterHester
  5. Parker Clan
  6. JPPT1974
  7. Dead2009
    Why isnt there any more Disney racing games?
  8. The Intentional Mouse
  9. Gucci65
    Gucci65 iubigman
    I rode FOP two weeks ago with a friend of mine who is 5'10" and weights approx 280. He had no problems riding!!
  10. LMSB
    Next trip: Oct 26-Nov 2 2017, my 10th trip AND my honeymoon!
  11. The Rocketeer
  12. Phineas
    What about science?
  13. JPPT1974
    Summertime is Here!
  14. Holden Dickerson
    Holden Dickerson IowaHawks7
    Hey. Im a freshmen this aug. I know i can apply for the second semester. My question is a 2 parter. Part 1- If the degree im going for isnt offered at dcp, can i still apply for a different course in case i decided to change my major at some point or does it have to corespond with the degree im going for at college? Part 2- Whats the application process like? Thanks in advance
  15. José Carlos Cardoso
    José Carlos Cardoso
    Jan 2005-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-14-15-16.
  16. SandyClaws
    SandyClaws raven24
    Did you work the original layout Alice attraction?
    1. raven24
      As in the original 1958 version?
      Jun 19, 2017
    2. SandyClaws
      More prior to the early 80's fantasy land remodeling. Unless you know a good amount from the 50's version?
      I'm an Alice ride fanatic, and would love to know anything really!
      Jun 19, 2017
  17. Yneego
    Howdy! A newbie in this kind of environment that would like to learn some important things about Disney and everything about it.
  18. H20Babie
    Going solo in 2018!
  19. worldofsounds
    Headed to the World this September! Counting the seconds!
  20. EricsBiscuit
    Praying for a second steamboat and 5th steam locomotive at MK