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  1. Ryan H. Serowinski
    Ryan H. Serowinski
    I wish the Studios park in Paris never existed >_<
  2. Cookie Galore
    Cookie Galore RyPat
    Would it be okay if I take your photo from the thread "Vote! Resorts" to use as wallpaper on my pc? I love that picture so much! I wish I knew how you got that effect with the sun. I swear when I look at it, it makes me squint. It's really awesome! *Cookie
    1. RyPat
      Absolutely! I'd love to say exactly how i got that effect but it was quite literally, Point. Shoot. and lucked out with a decent shot on a rather low end point-and-shoot camera....
      Apr 21, 2017 at 7:54 PM
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    2. Cookie Galore
      Cookie Galore
      Thank you!
      I'm surprised to hear that. I was convinced you had some crazy expensive equipment.
      Apr 21, 2017 at 7:59 PM
    3. RyPat
      i wish! there were probably 10 crappy pics before that one and 10 more crappy pics after it! and one just happened to come out right...
      Apr 21, 2017 at 8:00 PM
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  3. JPPT1974
  4. matt9112
    I was a drab little crab once...
  5. _caleb
    Planning our next trip...
  6. steviej
    Trip was incredible! Did not want to come back. Only 30 more years till retirement to Celebration!
  7. w_tech_v
    seek magic
  8. Ryan H. Serowinski
    Ryan H. Serowinski
    Sorry for my anger, I'm just mad about that I won't be meeting Moana on my next trip, I might see her on my X-Mas trip or DL. :(
  9. JPPT1974
    Easter is Here!
  10. Dead2009
    My new avi is the bees knees.
  11. Ryan H. Serowinski
    Ryan H. Serowinski
    Super jealous at Paris' 25th opening show for having like a bunch of characters, including a lot of rare ones(That don't appear at WDW now)
  12. kmbmw777
    Sleep should be rolled over. Like "Oh, you got 20 hours of sleep today? Cool man, you don't need sleep for the next three days."
  13. Thrill Seeker
    Thrill Seeker marni1971
    Hey! Long time no post. I've been watching a lot of your tribute videos lately and was wondering if you were planning on doing one for Pandora/Camp Minnie - Mickey/Beastly Kingdom? If not currently, I would find that one to be a fascinating entry...
    MOXOMUMD TheClairvoyant
    Love your avatar!
  15. Vinny
    Vinny marni1971
    With people with dedication, like yourself, myself, and the many many others on this site, one day if we focus and direct our efforts correctly, we can get the board to focus on providing such an honorable purpose, as they once did.
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  16. Vinny
    Vinny marni1971
    If only the company can get itself in gear today, to create and build with such a necessary purpose, and utilizing such ultra modern technology and architecture, as they once did when they first created Epcot and Spaceship Earth.
  17. Vinny
    Vinny marni1971
    Thank you for the documentary on Spaceship Earth. It was extraordinarily awesome!
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  18. admiral-ari-x
    Survey Markers Found; 2
  19. laneypooh94
    Wait For It
  20. Futureprobe
    Same as it ever was